miercuri, 18 iunie 2014

You know, I think it's odd... ("Diana's worlds", Part 1, Chapter 3.1)

Oh my God! I haven’t written anything in my diary for so freaking long! I think it’s been… seven months. What a quiet and beautiful year this has been. If anything out of the ordinary had occurred, I would have come to share my happiness or sadness. But I’ve had… Peace, quiet, calm, love, harmony… It’s like I’m a character in one of those movies in which a student has learned the secrets of a wonderful life from his master.
I’ll start writing the most important stuff. I see that at the beginning of year I felt that I was gonna get better grades. How sweet… I was right. I have had the best grades in my class, something that I never thought it would happen. I’m a mediocre student. It seems that I was lucky, otherwise I can’t explain how I knew all the answers. I even started to miss the old days when I didn’t know the answer and said something very funny that made the whole class laugh.
Let’s get over this. School isn’t that important to me. The one that really matters to me is Lia. Even if our relationship has begun in the Small Park, which was the place where we’re had our first kiss, we have always loved to walk in Parcul Crâng. It’s the most famous park in our town and also some sort of a symbol. Too bad it’s just a small part of what Codrii Vlăsiei (Vlăsia’s Woods) were.
We don’t like to stay in the public eye for too long and so we start walking through the forest and we get lost in it. Sometimes we spend hours and hours under an oak that’s been there for hundreds of years. There we feel like we’re next to a grandfather who tells us about the funniest things he’s done in his life. And we laugh. And we have so much fun… I wonder what most people see when they look at an oak like this. Maybe they see a big tree that could keep the peasants warm in the winter.
After a while we get up and start running in the woods. I was tempted to say that we were doing this „like two kids,” but that’s exactly what we are. Sometimes we happen to run into dogs that are said to have bitten a lot of kids, but in our presence, the animals are very friendly and playful. Maybe the fact that we are not afraid of them has been very important. They feel that we’re friends, not foes. Who knows? Anyway, we play with those poor animals for a few minutes and can’t help to feel sorry for them. They look as if they haven’t been pet before.
This kind of life has to be so sad. Dogs have come into this world to be man’s best friends, but the only things they got in return were curses, pain and suffering. How can an animal not be violent if he’s been treated like that? Doesn’t man act the same when the pain and suffering become unbearable? It’s the exact same situation…
I have always thought that our LOVE is so strong, that nothing in this world can ignore it. The dogs usually follow us until we get out of the park. We feed them every time and they are so happy, that I can’t not think that there are people in this world that would act the same way… I myself could have been on of those people. Diana could have been too… All these thoughts make me be thankful for everything that we have. Even if both my natural parents are dead, there are people who love me very much and whom I adore. La vita e bella!
And here comes 13 again… A new chapter of my diary has begun, because I have turned 13 on May 13 and… surprise! I and Lia have celebrated the first year of our relationship on June 13, but I couldn’t help the feeling that there was something strange going on. One day earlier, she wasn’t at home, but in Bucharest, to do another medical control. I don’t know why she’s doing this and… it seems that she doesn’t want to tell me. Every single time I have asked her about it, she started talking about something different. She never wanted to give me an answer and that’s why I haven’t pushed her to do so.
OK… How did we celebrate our first year together? It was nothing out of the ordinary. We just took longer walks than usualy, but still we didn’t feel tired. Our love is so strong, that it can overcome any problem that comes in our way. Do we dream too much? Maybe, but I don’t give a damn! I’m never gonna change and I’m sure that she’ll do the same. Life is beautiful and it’s worth living. When you have your loved one next to you, enjoy every second!
And that’s exactly what we do! We enjoy each and every second spent together, we’re forgetting all our trouble and we’ll come to be the most beautiful couple EVER!

I don’t know if I’m gonna write too often this year, as things have been very quiet lately. I know it’s only halfway gone, but nothing bad can happen to me! I’m 13 years old!