joi, 21 iunie 2012

Dark blue

-I lied to people and to myself way too much for so many years. I thought that mankind still stands a chance, that people still know to think on their own, not just manipulated by psychopathic leaders who want nothing but to kill and destroy all that’s good in this world. Damn, I wished for all this to change, but I was wrong. So terribly wrong... And I’m sick of trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I’m sick of being optimistic about the future of mankind. There is no hope, do you understand that? It doesn’t exist!
She said all this loudly as if she was a leader of a big people in this world. It was obvious for anybody that was listening to her that she had suffered a lot in her life. She may have tried to get past all the things she’s been through, but there was always something that made her turn back to where she was before. But still, he couldn’t blame her. She was right to feel sick of all the things that were happening in the world, of all the wars that were being fought between nations or inside her heart. He stood there, just looking at her, for a few minutes. She was as beautiful as the first time he saw her: a young girl with black hair, black clothes, white skin, pink lips and the most beautiful face he had ever seen in his life. He thought there couldn’t be a more beautiful person in the whole world, but the most special thing about her was the colour of her eyes. They were dark blue, like the sky is at sunset every day. Still, this was not the only thing that was special about her. There were a lot more than anyone could ever imagine.
-You know... You are the first person from outside that I invite down here, she said after being silent for five minutes.
-Yes, I figured that.
-I hope you know what that means. Lately I’ve been going out of here, but this didn’t happen so often before. I lived 90 % of my life down here. No school, no friends, no real life, just me, my mother and the darkness in this place. Why are we living down here, you may ask. Well, let’s see. It happened not so long ago...

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