miercuri, 22 octombrie 2008

The meaning of being evil

A lot of symbols, a lot of adepts, one name: evil.

I bet everybody has had at least once in his lifetime the tendency of hitting somebody or something. Everybody has sweared at least once in his life. I guess nobody can be perfect, except The All-Mighty One (God, in his three persons: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit). The main problem is that if we hit somebody for the first time or if we swear that somebody, we are tempted to do it again. Yes, a lot of people say that we shouldn't start doing this kind of things in the first place. That's right, we shouldn't start doing these things, but we've got to be aware of the world we live in. The best thing we could do is not to give too much attention to what people say. It's not an easy task and it may even a total failure, because if one lives in his own world, he will go crazy.
But still, a lot of people do nasty things on purpose. This leads to a more troubling question: what is the meaning of being evil? Have you noticed that when you do a good deed, you feel happy, enlightened, but when you do something really nasty, you feel happier, powerful and superior. When you hit somebody in the face, you want to hit him again, you want to see blood, but when you finally see it, you realize what you did, but you walk away like nothing happened. You do it again and again and you're starting to like it. You like the power. Everybody wants to be powerful and the fastest way to gain power is doing anything but the right thing. Money is essential, power is godlike and evil...can bring both of them.
What's even freakier is that evil can't exist without good and good can't exist without evil. This is such a paradox: an element can not exist without it's opposite.

So, what would you choose: good or evil? Tough choice.

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